vonette  the contract freeze

Vonette Bright – The Contract

Kalevi Lehtinen- The Thorn in my Sails

roy rosedale change heart freeze

Roy Rosedale- Change the Heart, Change the Village

Sharpless- the Jesus Film- Outtire world- Jesus Film 010332;19

Jerry Sharpless- Out of the basement and into the entire world: the Jesus Film

Kalevi Lehtinen- Suffering with Victories

Dave Hannah- Charging Hell With a Squirt Gun

kalevi- High Sails Mean More Weight freeze

Kalevi Lehtinen-Between Now and Eternity (uncondensed)

John Tempelhoff-  I can't wait to go to Prison freeze

John Tempelhoff – I Can’t Wait to Go to Prison

John Tempelhoff-  Connecting Church freeze

John Tempelhoff – Connecting Church and School