Preston- From Killing Fields to Christ freeze

Don Preston – From Killing Fields to Christ

Diane Hutchinson-Heathen freeze

Diane Hutcheson – Heathen for Thine Inheritance

Dela- This thing actually works freeze

Dela Adadevoh – This Thing Actually Works!

Sewing Failure Seeds- Dean and Janet Beal freeze

Dean & Jan Beal – Sowing Failure Seeds

The People of Bow and Arrow- Charlie Abro freeze

Charlie Abro – People of the Bow & Arrow

Ice Breaker Dreams- Horner freeze

Bob Horner – Ice Breaker Dreams

andre Kole-Trusting God freeze

Andre Kole – Trusting God in Trailers and Silver Dollars

andre Kole-Almost unanimous rejection freeze

Andre Kole – Almost Unanimous Rejection

Andre Kole-God can use anyone freeze

Andre Kole – God Can Use Anyone