David Hock Tey- China Open to Christ

David shares his experience with the Open Church in China.

Josh Mcdowell- Could God Have Use For Someone Like Me?

Josh shares how he struggled with the idea that God could use him for the glory of the kingdom, because of all his weaknesses and childhood baggage. But the moment he decided to give those weaknesses up to the Lord, everything changed.

Shirley Hinckson- Be Courageous

Shirley shares the importance of being unwavering and courageous from moment one in your mission and God will open the doors just as boldly.

Alice and Gary Fredricks – Ministering to My Mother

Alice and Gary talk about just as it’s important to spread the gospel, we are to care for our family as well, as they tell the account of Ministering to their ailing mother.

Andre Kole – Almost Unanimous Rejection

Ilusionist, Andre Kole, tells how Dr. Bright was the only one who believed God could use him to help spread the gospel.

Andre Kole – God Can Use Anyone

Andre talks about how if God can use a magician to spread the gospel, He can use anyone.

Andre Kole – Trusting God in Trailers and Silver Dollars

Andre Kole tells of times when they had little to no money to do what God called him to do, but God always came through for him above and beyond all he could hope or imagine.

Andre Kole- Holy Hush

Illusionist,Andre Kole, shares how you have to count the cost of following Jesus, and how in times of danger, God has miraculously protected him while he was doing God’s work, spreading the gospel throughout the World.

Andre Kole- Is Jesus Messiah or Magician?

Andre Kole, world class illusionist, studied the miracles of Jesus in the Bible from the perspective of a magician to see if Jesus was the Messiah as he claimed or if he in fact could have been just a great magician. As he put Jesus to the test through magic, he found that there is only one answer possible: that Jesus is who he said he is, the son of God, and that these were not tricks, but true miracles, and Andre has followed Jesus ever since.

Ann Bowman – Will you Trust Me?

Ann tells about her struggle to trust God and give her full time service to the Lord until God showed her a fork in the road, where she could freely choose to go where Jesus was going or her own way, and that made the decision a lot easier.

Ann Johnson- The Fragrance of Christ

Ann tells us about Muslim hospitality and shares how hospitality is  a powerful witness to others, putting your faith into action.

Bailey Marks – How Long’s It Take To Hear from God?

Bailey tells how with no experience, Bill Bright asks him to lead the Asian ministries for Campus Crusade.

Bailey Marks – Send Us

Bailey Marks speaks about his Call to leave his business and money to work for the Lord, and his willingness to do whatever job God gives him.

Bailey Marks – A Tribute to Dr. Kim

Through one man, Dr. Kim transformed much of Korea to Christ

Bailey Marks- Commitment in Cambodia

Bailey tells of his search for a director in Cambodia ending with an unlikely person who ended up in a daily battle to survive the Vietnam War in the 60′s and 70′s, God providing protection every step of the way.

Bailey Marks- From Hello to Goodbye My Life Was Changed

Bailey shares his testimony. transforming him into a Spirit filled Christian with the power to change his Heart into a better man.

Bailey Marks- The Spirit Breathes When The Body Is Weak

Breathing spiritually means thanking God in all things, knowing that He is in control of every situation, every moment, even the sad ones, as Bailey describes the passing of his wife to heaven.

Bailey Marks- Vision of a Mountain over Fear

Bailey Marks tells the story of Adon Rongong, who went back to Nepal after training, fearing for his life in a country hostile to Christianity. But with the courage of God on his side, he began fearlessly talking to people about Jesus and eventually went from village to village throughout Nepal showing the Jesus film and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Bill Wolfe – God’s Process of Elimination

Bill Wolfe talks about what it’s like to have his position eliminated, and how God has helped him deal with those changes.

Bob Horner – Berkeley Blitz

Bob Horner talks about the Berkley Blitz, when Campus Crusade immersed Berkley with the Word of God, challenging the counter culture, independent minded students with a new kind of revolution, the kind where Christ changes your heart.

Bob Horner – Ice Breaker Dreams

Bob Horner tells how he and the rest of Crusade were asked by Bill Bright to do something that had never in history been done before. And that something became known as Explo ’72.

Bob Horner- All Christians are Ministers

When Bob was first deciding whether to go into the ministry or get a good paying job in his major, he met with someone who reminded him that no matter what he does, all Christians are “in the ministry”, called to sere God and share the gospel. So the question is, how best can you minister to others given the gifts God has given you?

Charlie Abro – People of the Bow & Arrow

Charlie Abro talks about the bringing the good news of Christ to the people of bow and arrow, known as one of the most violent areas in India.Through the Jesus film and God’s love and peace, a society is changed.

Curt Mackey – God-Sized Dreams

Curt discusses his experience working with Dr. Bright, personal coaching and spiritual multiplication.

Curt Mackey – The Straw That Almost Broke the Camel’s Back

Curt Mackey remembers when Bill Bright first told him that staff would have to raise their own support and talks about his first experience with that.

Dave Hannah- A Prayer Abundantly Answered

Dave shares how sometimes when it appears a prayer wasn’t answered, it’s really God telling you to wait and he answers it in even greater abundance than you could have ever dreamed in the future.

Dave Hannah- Charging Hell With a Squirt Gun

Dave shares how as a tough football player in college, when he became a Christian he was overly zealous and unsuccessful speaking about Christ in his own power. But when he finally gave control to the Holy Spirit and had a more gentle demeanor in witnessing, he was finally able to reach out to many on campus with the gospel.

Dave Hannah- Faith in Action: Starting AIA

Dave shares his experience starting Athletes In Action in a combative culture, with no experience, no teams, at only 24 years old. And yet God opened every door.

Dave Hannah- Lose Your Marbles For God

Dave shares how he had to be willing to give everything up before God gave him everything he desired

David Hock Tey – the Gospel’s Free, Give it Away

David shares how the gospel is free, so we should give it away for free, not using the gospel for personal profit, but for the eternal profit of a man’s soul.

David Hock Tey- Millionaire or Missionary?

All David wanted to be was a successful businessman, but when he became a Christian he felt a calling to serve in the ministry. He fought the calling, until one day he fell deathly ill and there was only one person who could save him.

Dean & Jan Beal – Sowing Failure Seeds

Dean and Jan Beal tell of their time starting a ministry in Colombia, where they saw very little fruit for their labor. But in their “failure” the seeds of faith were planted there, seeds that now flourish many years later.

Dela Adadevoh – God, He is Faithful

Dela discusses how God has been faithful to take care of his needs ever since he put his faith in God to do His will.

Dela Adadevoh – My Will For God’s Will

Dela tells how he tried to bargain with the Lord, that he should work in his degree and witness on the side. But God had different plans, and Dela trusted God, that if he makes the Lord’s work his concern, God will make his needs, God’s concern.

Dela Adadevoh – This Thing Actually Works!

Dela talks about the first time he witnessed to others. Using the 4 spiritual laws, who found that people were hungry for Christ despite his confidence or abilities.

Dela Adadevoh- Searching for God

Dela discusses how he searched for God in all the religions, but only one gave him true peace,joy, and forgiveness that filled the gap he felt in his heart.

Diane Hutcheson – Heathen for Thine Inheritance

Diane explains who you never know who or when God has prepared to accept His Word, so it’s important to be open at all times to all people to share the gospel.

Dick Purnell- Grace over the Abyss

In the lows of life, where depression hangs like a dark abyss, that’s when God’s grace reaches deeper then ever before to pull you out.

Dick Purnell- Power in the Spirit

Dick shares the struggles he had with his faith and witnessing until he allowed the power of the Holy Spirit work in and through his life.

Don Preston – From Killing Fields to Christ

Don tells how Cambodia went from the Killing Fields to Christ, from a devastating past to a hopeful future in the Lord.

Don Myers – Thanks for the Thieves

Don Myers tells of the power and peace that comes from being thankful even in a time of struggle or turmoil.

Don Myers – Knocking on The Nairobi Prayer Tree

Don Myers tells how it took 11 years for God to answer his prayer to reach the Nairobi people, realizing that God’s timing is always perfect, so we should continuously ask, seek, and knock at the door of God’s heart.

Don Preston- God can use anyone, even this old shoe

Don shares how God can use anyone, including a plain, quiet, average guy like him. Just by saying “Here I am, send me”, God allowed him to raise a million dollars for the ministry and share the gospel in many countries like China and Cambodia.

Eunsook Jeong- Internationals Coming home to Headquarters

Eunsook shares the emotions that go along with leaving your country to live at the Camps Crusade headquarters in the United States.

Gary Fredricks – Is Living for God Really A Sacrifice

Gary talks about his family packing up and moving to Africa to be missionaries for Campus Crusade. He tells about the culture shock and lack of material things there, and that he wouldn’t exchange the life he chose for anything. That when you live for God, you have everything you need and more.

George Ninan – A Circle of Light

George Ninan shares an incredible story about how God protected a Jesus Film team.

Gordon Klenck – Finish the Job

Gordon talks about when he first went on Campus, it seemed like a giant failure. But by not giving up, God did some wonderful things.

Hank Hornstein – Just Your Average Faithful Guy

Hank tells how God changed his life by using him, just an average faithful guy, to change the life of others around him.

Hank Hornstein – Student Led Movements Work

Hank Hornstein realized how effective Student led movements can be while witnessing it in action in the Philippines.

Insoo Jeong – Say Yes First, Feed A Million Second

Through an example from Explo 74 in Korea, Insoo displays how training is good, but trusting God for the impossible comes first.

Insoo Jeoung- Sun above the Clouds

Insoo shares what Dr. Kim taught him, that no matter how bad it looks in any given situation, God is still in control.

Jacquie Tanner – Flying into the Presence of God – a military ministry story

Jacquie tells the story of her husband sharing the gospel as a pilot in Vietnam and how through tragedy and death, God can strengthen and save souls.

Jacquie Tanner – the Widowed and the Abused

Jacquie shares how God loves us individually so much, and gives the example of how God’s providence brought a grieving Widow and a runaway abused wife together to heal their souls and share Christ’s love.

Javier Garcia – Connecting Christ to the Culture

Javier shares how important it is it connect to the traditions of the culture you are in if you want to effect it with the Love of Christ. Only if you love the people first and meet them where they are spiritually, can you effectively show them their need for Jesus.

Javier Garcia – Dreaming Together

Javier shares how he became part of a doctors dream to share the gospel of Jesus love though a medical evangelistic group called Medical Compassion Mission.

Javier Garcia – The Blackboard Gospel and a Piece of Cake too

Javier shares how sharing the gospel isn’t about grand strategies and how much money you have to get the message out, but instead is about trusting that God can work with what you have at your disposal, and he’ll do the miraculous rest.

Jeannie McKean- Faithful Father

Jeannie’s father was a missionary in China where she was born, but was exiled in 1949, only to recently return to see all that God has done since her father left over 50 years ago.

Jeannie McKean- The Man in the Blue Jacket

Jeannie shares how God sets all things in order for a time set by him and as Christians, we have the joy of witnessing the fulfillment of those moments.

Jerry Sharpless- Different countries, Same message -the I Found It Campaign

In telling his many adventures working on the I Found It campaign, Jerry shares how the different cultures from the United States to Asia called for some different techniques, but it always had the same message: Jesus is the answer.

Jerry Sharpless- I Found It, Asia

Jerry shares the adventure of going to Asia and sharing the message of Christ through the I Found It campaign, traveling from country to country for the Lord.

Jerry Sharpless- Oh no, not that Gift

Jerry shares his initial struggles with his gifting being in what seemed a boring or lesser talent: Administration. But as he allowed God to use him in this gift he found his greatest personal satisfaction, helping to guide him in where he can be used best, as well as being able to help plan and make possible some of the greatest evangelistic events in Christian history.

Jerry Sharpless- Out of the basement and into the entire world: the Jesus Film

Jerry tells how, while in Asia, they heard about this little film on the life of Christ, and this is the story of how they first used the film that eventually went on to touch the lives of over a billion people throughout the world. And it all started in a dingy basement trying to decipher one grainy black and white reel called “the Jesus Film”.

Jerry Sharpless- The Devil Resists when Jesus Works

Jerry shares his experience carrying in the first Jesus film reels into Nepal and Bangladesh, meeting resistance from the enemy at all turns, and yet God prevailed every time and lives were changed forever in Christ Jesus.

Jim Green – Biting Monkeys, Drunken Soldiers, and the Will of God

Jim Green talks about how in struggles and weakness, God reveals His strength and faithfulness.

jim green – Promoting God, Demoting Me

Jim shares the importance of putting the Kingdom of God first over personal ministry.

Jim Green – Under A Gloom Cloud

Jim Green tells how pressure to please God made him want to quit, until he realized he could give his burdens to God, and leave the results to the Lord, himself free to just participate and enjoy God’s works.

Jim Green-Lions to the Lamb of God, Reaching the Maasai Warriors

Jim Green tells how God’s timing is perfect when He helped use the Jesus film to reach the Maasai Warriors, who were nomads violently opposed to the gospel before God put in place a plan to bring them to the love of Christ.

Jim Tanner – Loving by Faith

Jim tells how by loving by faith, genuine love from his heart soon followed.

John Tempelhoff – Connecting Church and School

John Tempelhoff talks about how he used Crossroads and Campus Crusade tools in South Africa to Connect Churches to Schools.

John Tempelhoff – I Can’t Wait to Go to Prison

John Tempelhoff tells how exciting and productive Prison ministry can be.

Josh Mcdowell – Family First: Love them now and they’ll love you later

Josh shares the most important lesson he ever learned, that your wife and Children don’t come after your Ministry, they ARE your first ministry.

Josh Mcdowell – the Secret

Josh shares about sexual abuse and the tough truth and power of forgiveness.

Josh Mcdowell – Unexpected Compassion From a Planet Called Love

Josh explains the importance of Christians giving unexpected compassion and love to everyone.

Josh Mcdowell- Be Bold and Speak in the Spirit

Josh shares his experience sharing the gospel to marxists in South America and that in the face of fear, he found courage to speak in the Lords power

Josh Mcdowell- Father, is my mom in Heaven?

Josh shares how much God personally cares about what you care about and intimately answers your prayers

Josh McDowell- Scrubbing Toilets For The Lord

Josh shares his struggles of pride and purpose in ministry early in his Christian life.

Josh Mcdowell- The Gospel Train

Josh shares the amazing ministry a man has on a train in Jamaica on the way to work.

Josh Mcdowell- The Inconvenience of the Gospel

Josh tells the remarkable story of a wheel chair bound young lady who won’t let pain or inconvenience stop her from sharing the love of Christ.

Judy Douglass – Loving by Faith

Judy Douglass discusses how the attempted coup in early Campus Crusade led to Bill Bright’s transferable concept on loving by faith.

Kalevi Lehtinen- God Tossed Me a Ball Too Big To Catch

Kalevi realized that he couldn’t reach the world for Christ on his own. Discouraged, his eyes were opened to God’s vision when he heard Bill Bright speak and his strategy changed forever.

Kalevi Lehtinen- Suffering with Victories

In this world, when you step out boldly for the Lord, Satan will step out boldly against you. There is a cost to ministry, a suffering, but what you gain spiritually is so much greater, and Kalevi wouldn’t take his mission for Christ back for anything.

Kalevi Lehtinen- The Thorn in my Sails

Kalevi describes how when God allows you to see His glorious works, he often allows a thorn in your side to keep you grounded and not proud.

Kalevi Lehtinen-Between Now and Eternity (uncondensed)

Kalevi talks about what our job is as Christians between now and eternal life, to glorify God and share the good news of Christ with all the World. And while that life is not easy and all people suffer in this life, God’s will for our life is good, and with him we will conquer sin and death through the love of Christ Jesus.

Kent Hutcheson – To Build & To Plant

Kent talks about the small beginnings of the India ministry and how it has flourished through courage and faith in a mighty God.

Lana Wolfe – Staff Mom, Doubly Blessed

Lana Wolfe talks about the blessings and obstacles of being a woman and mother on staff.

Lena Lehtinen – Do I Dare To Do It?

As a new Christian, she had to be honest with herself and God about daring to actually give herself 100% to the Lord.

Lena Lehtinen- My First Witness

Lena tells of the first time she shared the good news of Christ with someone, her utter fear, God’s grace over her, and the exhilaration she felt afterwards.

Lois Mackey – Don’t Fear God’s Call

Lois says how she had no idea if God would use her gifts in the ministry, but found he used them all in ways she could never have imagined

Maggie Bruehl – Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman

Maggie Bruhl talks about the difference between men and women in leadership and the importance of women to have leadership roles.

Maggie Bruehl – Where Do I Fit In As Staff Wife?

Maggie Bruhl talks about fitting in as a staff wife while raising her children.

Makram and Amal Morgos – Look to the Lighthouse in the Storm

Makram and his wife, Amal, tell of the trials and tribulations they had to endure, from interrogations and death threats in the Sudan, to now cancer, and how God has been with them through it all.

Makrum and Amal Morgos – Do not Fear

Makram and his wife, Amal, tell of the trials and tribulations they had to endure, from interrogations to death threats in the Sudan, and how God has given them the strength and courage to get through it.

Marcy Klenck – Flex and Obey

Marcy tells about her experience in helping put together the original 4 spiritual laws.

Marvin and Katherine Kehler- Tarantulas, Mobs, and Mission Trips

Marvin and Katherine share stories of the crazy places God sent them and the many adventures and changed lives they got to see because they obeyed and went.

Marvin Kehler – God Opens Doors

Marvin tells how God opens doors when you least expect it, to go above and beyond anything you could have dreamed to reach the multitudes for Christ.

Mary Jean Tempelhoff – Be Spiritual Breathing Missionaries

Mary Jean Tempelhoff tells of her time as a Campus Crusade missionary in South Africa as she struggled to leave her family and home in America for a new culture. And she reveals the secret how time and time again, Spiritual Breathing always brought her back from her fears and anger to God’s love and peace.

Mary Jean Tempelhoff – God Isn’t A Politician

Mary Jean talks about the wisdom of not being political and choosing sides in a battle. Our job instead is to love and follow Jesus and the rest will fall into place.

Maureen Hornstein – Dealing With Rejection

Maureen talks about a 3 year drought of not personally bringing anyone to Christ on the university of Maryland Campus. She tells how God strengthened her amidst the rejection, that they are rejecting God, not her. And the fact that they are so lost compels her even more to keep sharing the good news of Christ’s Love.

Mounir & Violet Faragalla – God Derails My Train

Mounir & Violet Faragalla talk about how they had their entire lives planned in Egypt as bankers and teachers until God came around and derailed their train, instead calling them to start an evangelical ministry in hostile Egypt, much to their surprise and protest.

Mounir Faragalla – Explo 85: Faith that moves mountains and satellites

Explo 85 was an unprecedented, massive world satellite Christian event that staff in Egypt had neither the technology at hand or the support of the government to accomplish it, but through faith, God made it happen.

Mounir Faragalla- Modern Day Parable Man: Christ and Media

God showed Mounir that the use of media can spread the gospel to millions. So even though he was in predominantly Muslim Egypt and was even told by his pastor at a young age that plays and media had no place in religion, he persevered and God used his gift of writing to share the good news of Christ throughout the Egypt and beyond through radio and television.

Ney Bailey – Being Single On Staff

Ney Bailey talks about being single on staff and how God has been with her, sustaining her and loving her, as she has been married to the mission of sharing Christ’s love.

Ney Bailey – My Thieving, Throwdown Prayer

Ney Bailey tells how God hears and answers all prayers, relating an experience she had in Poland when people stole her passport,money,belongings.

Ney Bailey – Speaking with The Lord

Ney Bailey gives advice on how to seek the Lord before giving speeches to a large audience.

Ney Bailey – Burden from the Lord

Ney Bailey tells how God gives everyone a burden, an assignment that weighs heavily on your heart. She gives the example in her life how God gave her a burden to help married couples.

Ney Bailey- Faceless Romanians

Ney shares her story of first going into Romania, where if you were seen with a Christian you could be put in jail or worse, and yet the love and passion in the Romanian Christians inspire Ney to this day.

Nils Becker – One Man Set Apart in Russia

Nils tells how when God saved one man in Russia, it led to the doors being opened to preach the gospel to thousands.

Paul Cowan – Being A Barnabus

Paul Cowan says that if the only thing he could be was an encourager to those gifted by God, he’d be happy to do that as an instrument of God. That too encourage and comfort Christian leaders is a powerful gift in itself.

Paul Cowan – God’s Doing New Things

Paul Cowan tells how God doesn’t see denominations, but he sees the kingdom, and if you let him, God will help you cross those lines and come together for the betterment of His Church and His people.

Paul Eshleman – Get Off The Fence

Paul shares how he was on the fence for Christ until he get honest with himself and allowed the Holy Spirit to work in him.

Paul Eshleman – Oh God, Save me!

Paul shares about a refugee camp in Africa who desperately sought God’s compassion.

Paul Eshleman – One chance to hear about Jesus

Paul shares an emotional experience in Africa that showed him the critical need to make sure everyone gets at least one chance to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Paul Eshleman- Help the Hurting

Paul shares one of the greatest lessons he’s learned in life, that when someone is hurting, even if you don’t know what to say, be there for them.

Paul Eshleman- Jesus and the Healing torch

Paul shares the story of a boy in Iran who met Jesus in a burning fire.

Paul Eshleman- Russia, A Divine Moment

Paul shares how through KGB, mafia, communism, God broke all barriers and worked wonders when Russia opened itself up to God again after communism fell.

Paul McKean – To Go Beyond

Paul McKean talks about how important it is to trust that God can open doors to go beyond boundaries of where the gospel has gone before.

Paul McKean- Believing God for the Impossible

Paul tells of the vision he wrote out of all the things he believed God for, a 20 year master plan, and since then he has seen God do all that and far more than he could have imagined. You can never believe big enough to contain all that God wants to do to bring the world to Him.

Roe Brooks – Power of Prayer in Witnessing

Roe Brooks tells us about the power of prayer in witnessing, when he entered the dangerous waters of a skeptical fraternity.

Roe Brooks – Witness to The Impossible

Roe Brooks tells how one of God’s favorite things to do is the impossible. Roe gives an example through a story about one man’s faith quest to get all his God mocking friends into a relationship with the Lord.

Roger Bruehl – Ready or Not, Here Leadership Comes

Roger explains how he wasn’t ready to be put into a leadership position even though he thought he was. Yet God sustained him through the experience and turned his inexperience into a successful ministry.

Roy Rosedale – Be A Servant Leader

Roy Rosedale tells how being a leader is about being a servant first, giving examples from his time in Indonesia.

Roy Rosedale – Holy Spirit Followup

Roy Rosedale tells how planting a seed is sometimes all God needs, and if you can’t follow up, he’ll do the rest.

Roy Rosedale- Change the Heart, Change the Village

Roy talks about two different strategies he’s tried, one where he just tended to physical needs that saw little long term change, and another experience where he changed the villagers hearts to Christ, and the entire village was transformed so much that the physical needs were better met going forward. In this, he found that the physical bread along with the spiritual, yields the greatest harvest.

Ruth Rico – I Hated God

Ruth shares how the death of her Father when she was a small child made her hate God, but her mother’s faithfulness brought her back. When she came to God she didn’t think she needed a savior, until God showed her the bitterness in her heart could be exchanged for love and mercy.

Ruth Rico- Heart for the World

Ruth wanted to be a witness in her home,Mexico, but struggled when God told her He wanted her to go out of her country to serve Him. God wanted her to realize that she wasn’t really a citizen of Mexico or anywhere in this world, but that she was a citizen of Heaven, and anywhere that she could be used in the world to bring others to Christ is where she belonged.

Ruth Rico- Is my Will for God or for Man?

Ruth shares her love story, where she chose God over a man she loved but knew wasn’t right for her.

Sandy Davis-Becker – Aneurysms, Cancer, and A Joyful Heart

Sandy tells how God sustained her and kept her joyful through aneurysms, cancer, and the loss of her husband by learning to give control over to God.

Steve & Judy Douglass – Love and Strawberry Pies

Steve and Judy Douglass discuss how they went from friends to dating to partners in life, as God helped them through insecurities and relationship baggage.

Steve and Christy Sellers-Let God dig deep into the soil of your Heart

Steve and Christy discuss dealing with depression and how by admitting imperfection, you open the Lord up to search deep into your heart and be filled with his healing.

Steve Douglass – Far Fetched Faith

When God impresses on you to do something, no matter how far fetched, step out in faith and follow through with it, because very likely there’s a great blessing right around the corner.

Steve Douglass – Just Ask

Steve tells how if you just ask the Lord for help when witnessing, He can give you creative solutions.

Steve Douglass- Fireproof Faith

Steve shares the story of God’s providence during a tragic fire at the Campus Crusade for Christ headquarters at Arrowhead. God always provides.

Steve Douglass- God’s Budget Plan

When raising support or dealing with money in general, Steve talks about how we are to be good stewards of our money, but to expect God to take control in wonderful ways and realize that He is the one who ultimately provides.

Steve Sellers – Getting Fired and Burning Pride

Steve discusses how being told he would be fired helped him deal with issues of pride and allow Christ’s servant heart to shine in response.

Steve Sellers- Pharisees for Christ just doesn’t work

Steve shares how when he took over the Campus Ministry, he realized that traditions had gotten in the way of best doing what God called them to do, reach students. So those practices that didn’t work best had to be put aside, going from staff oriented focus to student led, which led to an explosion of growth on the campuses.

Suzie Brenneman- Eating My Words

Suzie shares how whenever she tells God she won’t or can’t do something, God usually makes her eat her words and do that very thing in the future. And in the end, she’s always glad to have done the very thing she vowed or fought God about, and wouldn’t change the enriching experiences for anything.

Suzie Brenneman- Moms In Ministry

Suzie shares the difficulties and triumphs of being a mom in ministry

Swede Anderson- Give Fear Away to the Adventure of Availability

talks about his fear of evangelism and how he had to fight through it. He continued to make himself available, putting his faith over the feeling of fear, and learned to give that fear up to Christ, where the Holy Spirit helped him overcome that and find joy in witnessing.

Swede Anderson- Leadership Fierce Holiness

Swede shares how he learned his leadership skills from Bill Bright, who leads from the front, with a fierceness for God’s word but with the faith of a child that his heavenly father will lead the way.

Ted & Gwen Martin – Build the Kingdom

Ted and Gwen share how we shouldn’t concern ourselves with personal ministries, but that all Christians are God’s ministry, and we should work together to build His Kingdom.

Ted Martin – The Great Commandment

Ted tells how the Great Commandment to love your neighbor and the Lord must come first and go hand in hand with the Great Commission to share the good news of Christ”s love

The Coup – Insurrection of The Heart

This is the story of the attempted Coup on Campus Crusade for Christ where some in the ministry wanted Bill Bright to resign and have the organization turned into a Church. Through this hard time, Bill Bright found it better to love these men rather than hate, and to stand firm in his calling to Christ. and out of this came a stronger organization and the transferable concept of Loving by Faith.

The Lord Reigns over the Flood

This is the story of the Great Thompson Flood, where seven women of Cru were killed and those who survived were changed forever. This is also the story of giving thanks to the Lord in all things, belief that God can turn anything into His good and perfect Will, and that he still Reigns over the floods of your life.

Thomas Abraham – Believe God for It

Dr. Bill Bright came to Thomas Abraham with a vision to reach India and the World, and while he first thought Dr. Bright was crazy, once he placed his faith in God, amazing things began to happen.

Thomas Abraham – Huge Man in A Green Bikini

Thomas Abraham tells about how scared he was in his first witnessing experience. He just walked onto the beach and began talking with a giant, hairy man in the sand. And his life was never the same again.

Thomas Abraham – Reaching Kerala

Thomas tells how by God’s providence, millions in kerala are reached.

Tom & Joy Harriger – Sharing My Husband with Campus Crusade

Tom and Joy share how sometimes it’s hard to balance the ministry with family time, but that by making it a partnership in ministry and sacrifice, they made it through in faith and love.

Tom & Joy Harriger – God’s Draft

Tom tells that while the government was drafting people for war, God was drafting him to minister to High School students.

Tom Harriger – God Calls, Not the Ministry

Tom Harriger tells how the passion God put in his heart melded with Campus Crusade’s vision to reach High school students for Christ.

Tom Harriger – Lord, Prune Me

Tom Harriger talks of his time in Kansas City doing Highschool ministry, and how he saw very few people come to Christ in that time, meeting road block after road block. But God used that time to prune his heart and teach him valuable lessons about faith.

Vonette Bright – All or Nothing

Vonette Bright talks about when Bill Bright decided God had called him to start Campus Crusade. He was tempted to hold on to his lucrative businesses, but decided he had to give God all his time and trust in Him alone.

Vonette Bright – The Contract

Vonette Bright tells about the day she and Bill signed a contract with God that changed their lives forever forward.

Vonette Bright – The Four Spiritual Laws

Vonette tells how the 4 Spiritual laws came about and it’s importance to Campus Crusade and Christianity as a whole.

Vonette Bright – The Spirit-Filled Life

Vonette Bright talks of the origin of the Spirit filled life and how it worked in her own personal life, as well as how it transformed Campus Crusade staff forever forward.

Vonette Bright- Living by Faith

Vonette tells how Bill Bright told her his vision to start Campus Crusade for Christ and help fulfill the great commission. Instead of squashing that incredible and daunting dream, she stood by him 100%. And the rest is history.

Warren Willis – Invisible Forces

Warren shares about his time in Berkeley in the late 60′s where he saw firsthand that Jesus is more powerful than any other force in the world.

Warren Willis – Stop Out For Christ

Warren shares how valuable short stint/ summer project mission trips are to multiplying God’s work in an area.

Warren Willis- Mongolia, Unto the Uttermost

Warren Willis tells about being a missionary in Mongolia at a time when there were only a few known Christians, where God opened doors to sharing the gospel around the country.

Wes Brenneman – Ride the God Wave

Wes explains that when God’s moving, the smart thing to do is just ride that wave and be part of the wonderful things God does

Yang Chen – Cancer with Christ

Dr. Yang Chen tells how his cancer experience has brought his family closer to God and has allowed him opportunities to share the gospel.

Yang Chen – Making Men Whole: Medical Ministry

Dr. Yang Chen tells how most of our day is spent at our jobs, so why not use that to share Jesus love and spiritual healing with those at your workplace. That’s why he set up the medical ministry and tells the inspirational story of this idea working in a communist country, and that God works anywhere. And that includes whatever job, whatever country, and whatever surrounding you find yourself in, God can use you too.

Paul Eshleman- A Gift And A Message In Mongolia

Paul tells how when he first entered Mongolia with Warren Willis there were only 13 known Christians.